Announcing "Something to Look Forward To," Maxwell's Weekly Newsletter

A newsletter on the future of social life

Hello Friends!

We have been working hard for a year on our new project, and due to COVID, we've decided to announce what we're up to a bit early, and start a way to keep you regularly updated and lead the discussion on what just became a super interesting topic—the future of social life, what we’re calling In-Person 2.0.

In conversations with friends we’ve continually heard about how COVID is going to change social interaction. Will we ever see each other in person again?!

But if these past few weeks have taught us anything it is that there is no replacement for in-person social interaction. No, we won’t be doomed to group Zoom calls forever.

We do think the method in which we meet IRL is about to change drastically though, and it’s about to get more intimate, smaller and more curated, not because we’re scared, but because COVID will make us realize what we liked most about IRL experiences in the first place, and we won’t want to deal with the rest.

Which is where Maxwell Social and our weekly newsletter come in.

What’s Maxwell?

In short, Maxwell is a 600-person social club that never gets bigger that makes you feel like you own the place, because, well, it actually IS your drinks we’re storing in the cabinet in the corner and it’s you behind the bar.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve written up a longer medium post here that you can take a look at (claps appreciated), and Follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook, and check out our website.

Our “Something To Look Forward To” Newsletter

If that isn’t enough to look forward to we’re starting this newsletter that we’re literally calling “Something to Look Forward To.”

Over the next couple months of expected quarantine, we’re looking to have a discussion on everything social - what does social life look like post-COVID, what are interesting things that people are doing to cope with quarantine, what does that say about our wider social lives, and of course a weekly links to the coolest digital events and eventually, once they’re allowed again, IRL events.

Post-COVID we want to delve more into what we’ve termed “In-Person 2.0.” That could mean the future of retail, how brands are moving from conferences and meetups to launching permanent physical spaces for their communities, and more.

Feel free to forward this to anyone who you think would enjoy getting the update on what we’re up to, the more the merrier.


David, Kyle & Tia