How Soho House rode the rails of new celebrity & status voyeurism all the way to an IPO
Exclusivity Doesn't Scale & Toxic Communities
Plus Gucci's New Ad Campaign, Mexico Cartel Coronavirus Aid & Universities & Offices are "Dead"
. . . to build a fully participatory social club where you pour your own drinks and can cook in the kitchen.
The recent high society cons expose our fake social life and explain why so many people are opting out.
NFTs are necessary but not sufficient for community, and the more likely destinies of PFP collections are media companies or fashion brands.
We dream of belonging, not owning a low-margin services business, so why are we forced to?
Nostalgia marketing is tied to missing a deeper connection to one’s community that modern city life is lacking.
Annabel's urinals, Winnie The Pooh and I'm-Better-Than-You As A Service -- how Soho House is all the calories and none of the nutrition.
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